Oud Safrano Private Collection Extrait De Parfum 50ml Perfume For Men & Women By Anfar - Made In Dubai

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Oud Safrano by Anfar a luxurious Arabian Sweet Oud Perfume highly recommended for any time of the year, a perfume leaves its signature behind.  Anfar offers you sweet Oud Safrano a distinctive fragrance with a strong scent that takes you to a world full of fragrant and elegant aromas, as this perfume consists in the top layer of the scent of roses, and in its middle layer is patchouli oud and an essential oud oil extracted from the roots of the Indian oud tree, which is characterized by its sweet smell, as for the base layer contains authentic saffron and musk. Oud Safrano is an Extrait de Parfum By Anfar , also known as parfum or pure perfume (or even as “perfume extract” following the literal translation from French), is the highest concentration of scent, containing 15-40% of aromatic compounds. Anfar Oud Safrano is a sweet elegant private edition oud scent that ignites the campaign’s powerful statement. A Beautiful Arabian Oud fragrance in a luxury bottle and is professionally packed to suit the wearer’s taste. It is strong and extremely sensitive. Its radiant aura lingers for days when applied. This fragrance is specially designed for both Men and Women of all ages. It comes in a 50ml elegant bottle. This perfume is not created for the stereotypical gender… him or her… it is created to share for all ages and gender.        

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