Saqr Al Khaleej Eau De Parfum 100ml Perfume For Men & Women (Adyan By Anfar) - Made In Dubai

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Brand: ADYAN
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Top Note. Fresh, Oud Heart Note. Patchouli, Vetiver Base Note. Oud, and Agarwood Family. Oriental Emirates. Since the brand specializes in luxury perfumes, it makes each of its fragrances from the highest quality perfumery raw materials, as a result of which each perfume has a deep, beautiful sillage that lasts an incredibly long time. All this fully applies to the Saqr Al Khaleej Oud fragrance. In fact, this perfume contains only the very revered smell of oud in the East, but it is presented so brightly and multifaceted that it is difficult to believe that this is the smell of one single aromatic ingredient. If you want to try on the notes of the mysterious and original East to your image, the Saqr Al Khaleej fragrance from Adyan is exactly what you need!   This perfume is not created for the stereotypical gender… him or her… it is created to share for all ages and gender.

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